AEITA Challenge: Trial 1 and 2 and Female Empowerment 

For the prompt Trial 1: Most Painful Death for #anembertorchchallenge, I have to say it was from the Mistborn series. I can’t really say whose death because spoilers and SO MANY of you NEED to read this series!! But if you have read this series, then you know who I’m talking about. This is where we give each other grim nods of agreement and never speak of it again because it’s just too many feels..

For Trial 2: Favorite mythical creature is the phoenix. I love the idea of rebirth through ashes. 


For #livelaughbooksaugust, Women Empowerment (Women Equality Day), Helene Aquilla is the total embodiment of empowerment. She is the only female Mask at Blackcliff Academy and also an Aspirant (a squad leader). Despite the grueling conditions of being trained as a Mask, she managed to earn her way as one of the top soldiers at Blackcliff. It’s an extraordinary accomplishment and I hope we see more of Helene in Torch.


Can you see my Blackcliff Academy henna tattoo on my neck? If I’m representing the Rebellion (Izzat), I have to represent Blackcliff too because Elias! 😍❤️


I’ll be announcing the winner of the giveaway for the signed copy of AEITA Saturday and I’ll also be announcing another giveaway for my stationery addicts. Keep your eye out for both! 


#torchstagram #sabaatahir #aeita #atitn #eliasveturius #giveaway


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