AEITA challenge: Military school setting and Rules with an iron fist 

Thank you to everyone who shared and commented on my giveaway post for a signed copy of An Ember in the Ashes. I’ll have the winner posted by Saturday!.

Here begins my heartfelt attempt at An Ember in the Ashes themed book photos. If you saw my Story over the weekend, I had previews of some of the shots and props I used. I’ll be posting my final shots during the week for Sabaa Tahir’s @sabaatahir #torchstagram and Andi’s @_halfbl00dprincess and Neo’s @_bookishneo_ A Torch in the Night contests. And because I LOVE this book and the author. 😁


Catching up with #anembertorchchallenge, School/Military Setting and Rules with an iron fist. I love stories set in schools, but I haven’t read very many in a military school setting. I think this is why AEITA interested me so much—it was different than other stories that I’ve read. What are some stories set in a military school that you’ve read?


For Rules with an Iron fist, the Commandant definitely fits this description. She’s so twisted and terrifying! I don’t want to say why because spoilers, but trust me when I say, the Commandant is someone you do not want to cross! Other characters who remind me of the Commandant, Dolores Umbridge and Queen Levana! If you loved to hate them, you’ll feel the same way for the Commandant. 


Special thanks to my sister-in-law who helped put on this henna Ember themed tattoo. Izzat is a word that means freedom and one that rebels in Ember have as part of their own tattoo. 


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