Book Challenge: Goblins or Dwarves? And Ancient Creatures

For #augustfantasychallenge, Goblins or Dwarves? I have to say that I’d pick dwarves particularly the dwarves from The Lord of the Rings. I have a soft spot for Gimli son of Glóin. I loved his brashness and his humor. I also enjoyed how he became friends with Legolas. Their friendship was fantastic..

For #anembertorchchallenge, The Augurs: Ancient beings/creatures, wraiths are my favorite. The wraiths in LOTR and in any fantasy story where they represent death and darkness is my favorite evil creature. I loved the history of the wraiths in LOTR–Kings who were greedy for power and accepted Sauron’s rings and eventually became enslaved by them. How about you guys? What’s your favorite ancient being/creature? I’m sure I’m forgetting some!


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