August Owlcrate Unboxing 

I’m SO excited to share my unboxing post for the August Owlcrate @owlcrate. The theme was Fast times at YA High and it was amazing! .

As you can see, everything was a delight to unbox. We received a mini-Decomposition notebook which I’ve been eyeing at Target and was pleased to see here. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I have a thing for notebooks. 😁 I’m also excited about the Blue Star Coloring book @bluestarcoloring! You guys know how much I’ve been trying my hand with painting and coloring—this is perfect for me! We also received some fantastic buttons “Hogwarts is my home” and “Chapter Raptor” by Taryn Draws @taryndraws. So perfect! And the Eleanor and Park necklace! You guys, it’s gorgeous! Korrina did an amazing job designing it. I’ll be featuring it more this week because it’s just too good! Everything at this point has been incredible, but this print by Susanne Draws @susannedraws is stunning! Like tears and ugly crying stunning! Susanne did a phenomenal job capturing the personalities of the Golden Trio so well! 


And YOU GUYS. This book!! I kid you not, I put Kasie West @kasiewest a couple of weeks ago on my TBR because Stacee @book_junkee told me to. Okay. It was more like, Me: “Oh! I haven’t read Kasie West yet. Maybe I should” Stacee: “YES. GO READ NOW” Me: “ON MY TBR NOW.” Stacee: “Make sure to report back to me when finished.” Me: *salutes* So, okay. This was the paraphrased form of the conversation, but you guys get the gist, right? Imagine my surprise and delight when I unboxed this and found PS I Love You! I may have hugged my book. We hug books, right? Well, I’m making it a thing! Because this was just too damn awesome.


And have you guys heard that the September box’s theme is Darkness? One of the items is inspired by Miss Peregrine’s series! I JUST finished Library of Souls and when I found out that there was going to be a Miss Peregrine’s item in next month’s box, I hugged my preview card. There was a lot of hugging involved with this box. I’m so excited!! 



#augustofpages Book of Innocence


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