Bullet Journal Challenge: Color Coding

Color coding is one of my favorite ways to organize my notebook. Here in my #writersbulletjournal, I use a color coding system to help find specific pages. In my first #writersbulletjournal, you can see that I color coded most of the pages based on the following system: purple for my monthly tracker, yellow for monthly goals, green for social media, orange for my weekly agenda/review, and red for my current reads tracker. I used circle stickers on the edges and folded them over. I like it so far, but the one that I refer to the most is the red for my current reads tracker. I think I might just use red for that and leave off all the colors, but I’m a creature of habit, so we’ll see. 😅😁 .

Featured also are my buddy reads for this month. It’s more than I usually buddy read in one month, but I’m enjoying all of these SO much. I’m reading Flamecaster with Serena @girl_of_books_and_torchlight, My Lady Jane with Kori @_livelaughread, A Darker Shade of Magic with my friend Vicky, and Winter with my #booktwin Amy @ladyofthelibrary. I’m still #currentlyreading all of these books, but I can already recommend these with confidence. These are definitely books worth reading!



#planwithmechallenge Color coding



#bookstack from the wonderful Holly @the_infinite_book_dragon! Holly is co-hosting with Corey @grimdark_dad a September book challenge #grimdragon. Check out the tag for the prompts! It looks like a lot of fun.


I’m hosting a giveaway for a signed paperback for AEITA! Now is the time to start reading it before Torch comes out! If you’re interested in winning a copy to read before Torch comes out, please check my original post marked GIVEAWAY or #jennsaeitaga. Giveaway ends August 24th. That’s tomorrow!! 


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