AEITA Challenge: Favorite Masked Scene

Before the Emberlings take away my Elias Veturius fangirl card, there were so many favorite masked scenes in An Ember in the Ashes that I could pick dozens, but for #anembertorchchallenge The Masks: Favorite Masked scene, I had to pick one from my #currrentread A Gathering of Shadows by VE Schwab @veschwab. Forgive me, Emberlings! 🙈 And just for the record, my favorite masked scenes in AEITA are when Elias and Helene are fighting as a team. They’re pretty much slaying everyone, but also having fantastic dialogue too!.

If you haven’t read A Darker Shade of Magic or A Gathering of Shadows, for the love of Alucard, go read this now! I can’t even find the words. How do you explain the awesomeness that is Kell and Lilah? An Antari and a thief who make a tenuous connection at first and then become dependent on the other to survive. The world building is so unique—different Londons, Grey London, Red London, Black London,and White London and blood magic! Also, a prince who is both charming and maddening at the same time—I’m looking at you Rhy! 


Without giving away too much, my favorite masked scenes are pretty much whenever Lilah wears hers. She’s confronted an evil queen and also a ship of pirates in her black horned mask and it’s both thrilling and wonderful to read. And now in A Gathering of Shadows, there’s a tournament for magicians that’s supposed to happen and more masks will come in to play! I’m still buddy reading with my good friend Vicky, so no spoilers please! I highly recommend this series, if you haven’t read it yet. 


In case you missed it, I’m hosting a giveaway for a signed paperback copy of AEITA. If you’re interested in entering, please check my post marked GIVEAWAY four rows down to enter or check the tag #jennsaeitaga. Last day to enter the giveaway is August 24. 


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