Book Challenge: Favorite Place to Relax

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re having a great day so far!.

For #augustofpages Favorite place to relax, I actually prefer being at my desk journaling or reading, but I enjoy going to the beach with my family too. We were able to go the other day and they had so much fun…until they came out the water and the wind pretty much froze their little bodies! I felt so bad for them. We’re going to go a few more times, but we’ll make sure it’s warmer. 


So I pretty much brought Winter to the beach! Hahaha. 😂


I’m #currentlyreading Winter with my #booktwin Amy @ladyofthelibrary. We’re losing our minds at how good this is! And also how evil Queen Levana is! Our texts are full of 😭😡😨😩 and “what part are you on?!” Hahaha. I’m so glad we’re reading this together. It’s been so fun and this is definitely a book to read with a friend.


Book shopping with my sister today. She’s shopping for her friend’s classroom. I’m just going to tag along said no book nerd ever! 😁


In case you missed it, I’m hosting a giveaway for a signed paperback for AEITA! If you’re interested in winning a copy to read before Torch comes out, please check my original post marked GIVEAWAY or #jennsaeitaga. Giveaway ends August 24th.


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