Journal and Handwriting Challenges: A page full of flowers and Guttermouth challenge

I’m way behind on my challenges, but I will try to catch up this weekend. Here’s my Guttermouth Challenge D12-17 for #letteringfunaugust. You know what kid friendly swear I use a lot? Frack. Anyone else use it too? 😂.

For the #augustwithajournal prompt, A page of flowers, I was inspired by a journal entry where someone (sorry! I can’t remember who! 😅), used water color paints for creating a floral landscape with an impressionistic feel. It didn’t quite work out the way I envisioned 😂 haha, but it was a lot of fun to try! I think I will try again, but maybe use a thinner brush for adding details. For #rockyourhandwriting, Journaling, I haven’t had time for extended journaling, but I have been making time to, at the very least, write down what I’m grateful for each day. This has made such a difference in my well being!


For the #planwithmechallenge, Sections, for my Traveler’s Notebook, I use four inserts for different planning needs: Real life bujo (for my mommy/family tasks), Nerd Gear Bujo (gotta stay in budget for books, pens, washi tape, etc.!), Menu Planner, and Watch list for Stocked/Low Food and Household items. The kraft notebook is a Moleskine @moleskine_world insert and all the other notebooks are Maybooks @maydesigns. I find that having separate sections is very appealing for this part of my life. I also take my Traveler’s Notebook with me whenever I go out. These notebooks are the perfect size and it’s so nice to reference meal plans or the supplies lists when I’m out and about.


I’m so glad it’s Friday!! In case you missed it, I’m hosting a giveaway on Instagram for a signed paperback copy of An Ember int he Ashes. I’m so excited to spread the love for this book! Please look at the previous post marked GIVEAWAY for details or the tag #jennsaeitaga. Last chance to enter is August 24th.


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