Journal Challenge: What Inspires You and Guilty Pleasures 

I am loving my new Midori MD A5 graph notebook and notebook cover by Karen @lunabluebags for personal journaling. Bullet journaling is for getting stuff done, but personal journaling is an outlet to be creative and recording memories. I’m finding it such a nice way to end the day to reflect and doodle or paint. For the prompt what inspires me, so many sources of inspiration abound. I get a lot of inspiration from reading. I love a well crafted story and complex stories. I also find inspiration in my family. My current WIP is inspired by my daughter. I wanted her to have a story where a mix raced heroine valued family and defeated monsters. There aren’t that many stories like that and I wanted her to have one when she was old enough to read stories like that. .

For favorite supplies and guilty pleasures, I’ve already mentioned how much I love the Papermate Inkjoy gel pens and the Pentel Touch brush pens. I’m also enjoying the Crayola Super Tips markers. I used them for doodling in my journal, but I’ve seen @piecesofcalligraphy and @prettyprintsandpaper use them for lettering. I’m so excited to try lettering with them. I also love this watercolor palette from Michael’s. It’s by Artist’s Loft and is perfect for a novice like me. For guilty pleasure, washi tape is definitely my guilty pleasure. I love using it to add a bit of color to everything!


 What inspires you? What are some of your favorite journaling supplies? Guilty pleasures?



 #augustwithajournal What inspires me and favorite supplies • #rockyourhandwriting Guilty pleasures.


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