Book Challenge: Favorite Evil Queen

For the #augustfantasychallenge, Favorite evil queen, I couldn’t decide. I know. What a surprise, right? 😁 But, seriously, with evil queens like these, how can you decide?.

I’m #currentlyreading Winter with my #booktwin Amy @ladyofthelibrary. We’re halfway through and I’m both sad and excited to get to the end. I’ve really enjoyed this fairy tale retelling and I’m going to be so sad to see Cinder and her crew gone, but GUYS, Queen Lavana is horrible and deceitful and I love hating her. I love it when the villain is compelling and you’re just waiting for her ultimate defeat. 


And you guys know how much I love Uprooted, right? Naomi Novik’s story is based on a Polish folktale she heard as a child from her grandparents. It’s amazing how she transformed this folktale into an amazing retelling. I love the characters, but I have to say the Queen of the Wood was so fantastically evil. I don’t want to give too much away, but the queen in this story is ruthless, and I love the added complexity the author gives to her character. This queen is evil for a reason and not just a caricature of a villain. 


And this is for the prompt, Be a Weasley: Share a joke (National Joke Day): What’s a penguin’s favorite kind of dance? A snow BALL. Hahaha. That was courtesy of my nine year old son. 😁


2 thoughts on “Book Challenge: Favorite Evil Queen

  1. samfalston

    I love Uprooted, such a thrilling story – all squeezed into one book. Have you read Dorothy Must Die? Dorothy would have to be my favourite evil queen, she’s just horrible!

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