Bullet Journal Challenge: Menu Planning & Planner Hack

For the #planwithmechallenge, planner hack and menu planning, I use Maybooks @maydesign for my menu planning and keeping track of what’s in stock and what’s low in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. For menu planning, I order a Maybooks with an undated menu planning insert. I’ve used this for four years now and love how I can go back and look at old menus when I run out of ideas for meals. The right page is lined for grocery lists. The back of the book has more lined pages for recipes. For the other Maybook, I keep monthly lists of what’s in stock and what’s low in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. I had lists of what we needed on my immediate grocery list, but I needed a way to keep track of of long term items because I’d always forget! Like ketchup! I think my family would swim in it if I let them! .

For planner hack, I had been using a notepad to make lists of what I needed from our deep freezer, what to prep, and possible meals for the following week. Instead of rewriting this every week, I created a table on Word and made copies to cut and tape in with washi tape to put in my menu planner. I carry this to the garage where our deep freezer is to do some “shopping”. Then just put it back in my menu planner and when I got to the market, I can see what I already have and what I need.


I love cookbooks, but since Pinterest, I don’t look at them as much as I used to. But these two are my favorites for quick and good meals. I love Trader Joe’s and I keep our freezer stocked with a lot of their freezer items like their mini-meatballs and orange chicken. So good! They’re great for fast and easy meals. The Italian Wedding Meatball soup recipe from one of these cookbooks is great! 


What are some of your go-to meals? I’m prepping for back to school soon and I’m looking up some of my favorite, quick meals. I’d love to hear yours!


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