Journal and Handwriting Challenges: What Gives You Energy and The Sea

I can’t believe the summer is nearly over! We’ve been trying to do a lot more stuff with the kids since my husband finished teaching summer school. Yay! Earlier this week, we went to our local aquarium. Our two oldest have been before, but this was the first time our two youngest went and we all had a great time. I did pick up some souvenirs. Pictured here are postcards of the jellyfish and puffin we saw and their latest exhibit the sea dragon. This was my favorite part of the visit! These animals are amazing. They’re native to Australia and look like something from a fantasy/sci-fi novel! No flash photography was allowed at this exhibit, so I was thrilled to find a postcard of the sea dragon at the gift store. I also picked up this mermaid print scarf! I have to admit, I’m not into nautical themes (I know, weird since I’m from SoCal), but this mermaid print was too cute to pass up. What kind of souvenirs do you guys like getting, if you do get them?.

For #rockyourhandwriting challenge, what gives you energy, journaling! It’s so true. If you journal, you know what I’m taking about. I had stopped journaling for the last few months, making excuses that I didn’t have time. I started to feel out of sorts and I knew it was because I wasn’t giving my mind an outlet to decompress. I got a new notebook, Midori MD grid notebook, and a lovely notebook cover from @lunabluebags, and started journaling again. I love them both! I look forward to spending few minutes in my journal everyday. I decided to continue my gratitude reflections and already I’ve noticed a big difference in my mental well-being. 


For #augustwithajournal, the theme is The Sea. I may have waited to post about my trip to the aquarium for this prompt. 😁 In my personal journal, I used blue watercolor paint to create the background for my entry about our visit. For decoration, I also added a bit of my fish and penguin washi tape for and one of the member stickers we got for becoming members of the aquarium.


And also, here’s a mini- #bookombre! I’m becoming more comfortable grouping colors, but now that i look at this, I probably should’ve switched Gemini and The Rose and the Dagger. 😅


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