Book Challenge: Prepare for Battle-Ruins or Wands?

For #augustfantasychallenge, Prepare for battle! Runes or Wands? I keep going back and forth! I really like the idea of using wands, but then you have to remember spells to use them. I have to tell you guys, since having kids and entering my 40s, my memory is pretty much non-existent. (That’s why I bullet journal!) So, if I had to use a wand, it’s quite possible I’d totally mess up because I wouldn’t be able to remember the spell correctly! Runes are more appealing to me because you can just apply them and you’re good to go. I know, there is the pain of having to trace the runes into your skin, but I gave birth to four kids. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, so I think getting a rune would probably not bother me that much..

For #augustofpages, Book stack, okay. I’m too chicken to do a really huge book stack. I saw the towers everyone was doing! Haha. So here are my mini-stacks.


I finished City of Fallen Angels. How dare you Cassandra Clare! That cliffhanger! 😩 Fortunately I had City of Lost Souls (obviously) so it wasn’t too devastating. I would not have been happy having to wait for the next book!! This is a perfect argument for why you should have all books on hand when you’re reading a series: cliffhangers! 😨


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