Book Challenge: Current Obsession

For #challengebookamajig, Current obsession: If you haven’t read the original Mistborn trilogy, for the love of Kelsier, go read them now!! Diabolical villain? A thieving hero? An impossible heist? Epic acts of heroism? A female orphan from the streets who realizes she has incredible powers? VIN is one of my all time favorite heroines! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?.

And now, there is more Mistborn! If you have read the first trilogy, then you will love this continuation. The Alloy of Law Mistborn series takes place 300 years after The Hero of Ages. A fantasy in a steampunk-ish setting with Brandon Sanderson’s style of allomantic world building, YES, you do really need to read this! 


For #augustfantasychallenge Most original fictional names: Vin, Kelsier, Wax, Wayne, Steris, Maris.


For #livelaughbooksaugust, Bookish merchandise, pictured here is my Mistborn Allomantic Alphabet medallion by @badalijewlery. I don’t buy jewelry (small kids, small grabby hands), but when I saw this on Grace’s @fictograph’s IG, I HAD TO HAVE IT. I’m SO happy with this because Mistborn is life. You guys should definitely check them out because they have more fantasy themed jewelry from other authors such as JRR Tolkein, Peter V. Brett, and Patrick Rothfuss. 


4 thoughts on “Book Challenge: Current Obsession

  1. M.L.S.Weech

    I’m a huge fan of Sanderson and Mistborn. If you haven’t gone through the other books you should. I recommend Warbreaker, then the Stormlight series. If you’ve read Secret History, then you might understand a BIT more if you read Elantris first, but (only in comparison to his others) it’s not my favorite from him. I would read it. Probably before Stormlight as part of that book’s plot twist is briefly eluded to in Way of Kings.

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    1. Jennifer F. Santucci Post author

      I’ve read Way of Kings and am halfway through Words of Radiance. But I haven’t read Warbreaker. Had no idea the previous books were connected.

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