Journal and Cursive Challenges: Old Journals and Guttermouth Lettering

This Guttermouth challenge is so much fun! It’s no wonder it’s called #letteringfunaugust. I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through August! This summer has gone by SO fast..

I know I keep talking about these Pentel Touch brush pens, but I really love how easy they are to use. They’re so easy to learn how to control the up and down lettering strokes. I have some brush pen markers and I’m not quite ready for those yet. Hahaha. Need more practice! For #rockyourhandwriting, something new, I highly recommend these pens! I have a quick Story on my IG that shows these pens.


This is also for #augustwithajournal, Old journals. All of my old journals are tucked away in the garage. I wish I had room to keep them in the house because it was a lot of fun to read my old entries especially about when I first started dating my husband. HAHA. I actually have these old book journals too, but with GR and now my bullet journal, I keep track of what I read that way. But I do like reading my thoughts about the books I’ve read in the past, so I’m going to start journaling about books again. Plus, my memory isn’t the same as it used to be! I also found this art journal I started a million years ago. I actually started it my first year teaching because I needed an outlet because of the stress. I’m so glad I found it because I will definitely be taking it up again because I did have fun. Also pictured is an old Maybook @maydesigns that I used for journaling during the first month my daughter was born and an old travel journal I brought on trips we’d go on before having kids. 


Where are my notebook and journal junkies? How long have you been journaling? What’s your favorite notebook?


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