Book Challenge: Story of My Life-Book that Describes You

For #livelaughbooksaugust Story of My Life (Book that describes you), I couldn’t pick just one, but I thought these two described me pretty well. 😁 .

Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey is one of my favorite Jane Austen characters. Catherine loves to read especially gothic novels and sometimes her imagination runs a little wild and when she meets Henry Tilney (SIGH, SWOON), her love of gothic novels and her vivid imagination interferes with reality and her chances with him!


Cath (OH HEY I JUST REALIZED THEY BOTH HAVE THE SAME NAMES) and her sister Wren are total fangirls for the fictional series Simon Snow and had even started co-writing a fanfic series about the main characters Simon Snow and Baz. Even though Cath is determined to finish her fanfic, her creative writing instructor, who is not impressed by her fanfic writing, her college room mate, who is never around, and her room mate’s friend Levi make it all impossible to focus on finishing her fanfic.


I relate to both of these characters SO much. I’ve always been a reader and have sometimes let my bookish imagination bleed through real life. I mean, who hasn’t asked themselves What would Jane Austen do? amiright? 😁 It was also because of Jane Austen that I started writing. I wasn’t quite ready for Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy’s story to be over, so at first I started reading P&P fanfic and then I started writing it too. From then on, any time I read a story that I loved and wasn’t read for it to end, I wrote fanfic. Like Cath, fanfic writing became something I enjoyed, but also was dedicated to—teach during the day and write at night became my routine for over ten years! Then when I finished one of my fanfics, I got approached to change it into an original fic to publish, I realized, oh hey, maybe I should start writing my own stories and publish them. Now nearly two years after that, I’m almost done with the first draft of my original story. 👏🏽😁


And here’s a picture of Hermione by Megan Lara @meganlaraart who created this for the September Owlcrate @owlcrate. Because if I’m honest, I’ve also asked myself What would Hermione do?


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