Book Challenge: Laid Back Books

Here are some laid back books that I’ve read and enjoyed so much! If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend them especially when you’re in the mood for something light, fun, and swoony. Also, I think I’m the ONLY person who has the first edition hardback of Anna and the French Kiss. I bought this when Anna was the only book. Hahaha. I KNOW. 😳😨😂.

I’ve read Since You’ve Been Gone and hope to get to The Unexpected Everything too! It’s also come to my attention that I need to read Kasie West. *cough @book_junkee* I just added The Distance Between Us on my TBR. The fact that it has a Pride and Prejudice vibe might have something to do with it! 😂


What are some other laid back books that you guys enjoyed? What do you recommend? Happy Friday!! 


Challenge: #augustofpages Laid Back Books 


4 thoughts on “Book Challenge: Laid Back Books

  1. mylittlegiftforyou

    I’ve always wanted to read EveryThing EveryThing by Nicola Yoon, but I’ve never had the time as my TBR pile is humongous! Would you recommend it? 🙂

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    1. Jennifer F. Santucci Post author

      Absolutely! It’s a fun, light read. I also read it in a day so it won’t slow down your progress on your TBR. 😁



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