Book Challenge: Rainbow Spiral

Orange books are really hard to find! So, rainbow stacks are fun, but why is it hard to find orange books? Pretty much, IIluminae is my go-to orange color for rainbow stacks. And it’s not a true orange either because it’s the dust jacket that’s orange! But seriously, what other orange books are there? And no, I won’t get them just for bookstagram. Maybe. I just want to know if they really do exist!.

Also, these hardcovers got me like 😍. The gold foil on the colored hardback is gorgeous. I had so many black hardbacks with gold foil which is still beautiful, but I’m also liking these colored hardbacks too. 


I’ve actually read all of these except One Upon a Dream and I’m only 40 pages into The Cursed Child. OH! Deathly Hallows is orange! Well, yellow orange, but close enough!


#challengebookamajig Rainbow spiral 


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