Book Challenge: Happy Birthday, Ginny! 

Happy Birthday, Ginny Weasley! I hope this is Ginny. HAHA. At first I thought it might’ve been Hermione, but I’m pretty sure it’s Ginny. I also know these are coloring books, but I have a really hard time committing to coloring because I’m afraid I’ll mess up! Also, I know this is a Luna Lovegood Pop, but I don’t get a chance to use her that often and eventually Ginny and Luna became friends, right? Luna Lovegood Pop came in the Good box for the July Owlcrate @owlcrate..

For GOT: Kiss, Kill, Marry, I haven’t read or watched GOT, so I’ll use HP. ** Kiss: Neville Longbottom (Year 7 Neville of course!) Kill: Umbridge (I never got over how she made Harry carve himself over and over.) Marry: CEDRIC (Because he was so dreamy in GOF.) I think that catches me up for #augustfantasychallenge


For #livelaughbooksaugust, this is some of my book merchandise for HP. I actually have a Snape Pop too (from Owlcrate as well!). 


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