Book and Journal Challenge: Favorite Books and Listography

This is for #augustofpages, All time favorite books and since I did a post about this last week, I thought I would try something different. .

For #augustwithajournal, Listography, I made a list of some of my favorite books of all time. I rushed through it, so I forgot some of my favorites. You can see the original post with the other titles about six rows down next to Miss Pregrine’s. I was itching to add watercolors to the pages. I’m having fun experimenting with how much water to use to create different shades of each color. I really wish I could spend more time playing with the paints. I’m so glad this challenge is gives me the excuse to try!


This is also for the #rockyourhandwriting, Fun facts. I consider my favorite books fun facts! What? 😂🤓 For the handwriting tips, I’ve found the Pentel Touch brush tip pens to be the easiest way to learn lettering techniques. There’s still a little bit of a brush tip, but I would not say it’s a true brush pen. Those are really hard to use for beginners. If you do get these pens, I found these on Amazon. They come in a plastic cylinder case and each pen has a shiny barrel. I’ll put a picture/video about the pens on my IG story if you’d like to take a look.


I should probably talk about the books! Hahaha. You guys are probably sick of me talking about Laini Taylor and Sabaa Tahir. I actually started reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone because Sabaa Tahir told me to. At a book signing. ME: “I’ve been meaning to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone.” Sabaa: “Jennifer, you HAVE to read Laini Taylor.” Okay. She might have said it in a more gracious and polite way, but that’s how my brain processed it. She had just told me she recognized my name and remembered who I was from the internets, so she could have asked me to do anything, and I would not question it. Hahaha. 


And Mistborn. THIS BOOK. THIS SERIES. OMG. It was the first high fantasy series that I’d read and it completely ruined me for all other series and if I’m honest, life too. Besides Elizabeth Bennet and Hermione Granger, Vin is my other go-to heroine for life answers. What would Elizabeth Bennet do? She would insult you to your face, but with a smile and you wouldn’t even know it. What would Hermione Granger do? She would consider the 72143 ways to win a fight, but use the one way where everyone still lives. What would Vin do? She would slay now, ask questions later. I really wish there could be more Vin moments in my life.


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