Book Challenge: Book Ombré 

This is a #bookombre for #livelaughbooksaugust. Okay. I really tried with this. In my head, I was thinking, I could go from dark purple to light blue because I was sure they would complement each other. But, it’s pretty much just purple and blue together. 😅 Hahaha. I still like how it came out though! .

How’s your week going so far? Yesterday, we took the kids to the aquarium and we had such a great time. I picked up a few souvenirs. I found a scarf with a mermaid print! You guys know how much I love using a scarf in my shot. I had to have it! I’ll try to put together a post with it! Today, we’re planning to take the kids on a walk on the local nature trail. I tried taking a picture for the twirling pages prompt, but totally failed.😞 It’s really hard taking a picture and flipping the pages at the same time! 😅 If you guys have tips on how to do this prompt, I’ll gladly take any suggestions!


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