Bullet Journal Challenge: To do lists, Time Trackers, and Keeping It Simple

Catching up with the #planwithmechallenge. Here’s Keeping it simple, time tracking, and To-do List..

I use my Maybook @maydesigns for my mommy/real life bullet journal for pretty much everything family and household related. I usually make a list in my daily of all the tasks that need to get done and then if necessary, I migrate any reading or writing related tasks to my #writersbulletjournal. Sometimes if my mommy/real life bujo isn’t near, I’ll grab a pad of paper and just start listing. I love this To do list from Susie @boygirlparty which she designed for the December Owlcrate @owlcrate.


For my #writersbulletjournal in my Leuctthrum 1917 @leuchtthrum1917, my to-do lists are comprised of challenges, writing, and reading tasks. My weekly agenda becomes my to-do list for the week. I use my weekly agenda to write my dailies. 


In my WIP Notes bullet journal in my Moleskine notebook, for my daily entry, I take notes on my word count, my story notes for that day, and I write down a task list/to-do list for the next writing session. This is also the only time I really use a time tracker. My commitment to writing is to devote one hour a day. It’s hard to see (sorry for the picture quality), but I write in blocks of 30|15|15| to help me keep track of how long I’ve been writing. I use a timer to notify me when my time is up. Sometimes I go over the hour, and I just keep adding 15 minute increments to the block of time. 


For the most part, my systems are pretty straight forward, functional, and have helped so much in my productivity. But, I don’t know if you can tell, I LOVE COLOR. It may look like I go crazy with the washi tape and colored ink, but I’m actually quite deliberate in how I use it. I’ll stick to a washi pattern for the week and pick a complementing color to tick off the tasks. Any notes I want to make are written in blue. Everything else is in black ink. I bet you guys are going to go back and look now! Haha. It’s true. Functionality and productivity are what makes a bullet journal successful, but a girl’s gotta add a little flare to it too! 


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