Book and Journal Challenges: Books that make you smile and Wanderlust 

For the #augustfantasychallenge, All Aboard! My Travel Companions on the Hogwarts Express, I pick Blue Sargent and The Raven Boys. I know. AWESOME, RIGHT?! Seriously. Can you imagine Draco and Ronan riding the Hogwarts train together?! How about Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, and Henry Cheng discussing the possibility of trees talking? Or how about Adam and Gansey talking to Harry and Ron about navigating which professors were cool and which to stay away from? Or better yet, I’d love to be a fly on the wall just listening to Hermione and Blue talk about the poor treatment of house elves! Just for fun, Blue’s mom would substitute for Professor Trelawny one day! PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN..

For #livelaughbooksaugust, Whoa! I didn’t see that coming! Okay. This prompt is a bit unfair because I can’t really say anything without spoiling The Raven King. And I’m surprised I didn’t get spoiled by this because after The Raven King released people were dropping spoilers like oh hey, I dropped my pencil, and lemme drop some spoilers about The Raven King too while I’m at it. 😂 I won’t spoil it, but I will say that I was very happy with how ALL the ships turned out. 


For #augustofpages, Books that made you smile, YES. The Raven Cycle! I think the best parts were Ronan Lynch and Henry Cheng. Secondary characters get me every time and these two had me laughing, crying, and just loving the series even more. 


For #augustwithajournal, Wanderlust, here is my poor attempt at recreating Cabeswater. I finished this series back in June and I really miss Cabeswater, 300 Foxway, and Henrietta. If I didn’t have such a super crazy TBR, I’d listen to the series again! I highly recommend the audio series for these books. Will Patton does an amazing job capturing each character and also telling the story. 


So, where can I find a Harry Potter/Raven Boys mash-up? I really need this in my life!! 


My dear friend Abi @thesqueakycupboard is hosting a wonderful giveaway #hersandtheirsga! It’s based on recommendations and of course I had to recommend The Raven Cycle!!


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