Book Challenge: Stick Your Book in a Tree

GUYS, this picture. I know it’s different than what I usually post, but this is for #challengebookamajig Stick your book in a tree. I was scared for my book. I was worried the cover would get torn. I also had anxiety because SPIDERS. UGH. My backyard houses brown, hairy spiders. And they LOVE trees. *shudders* But, this is what book challenges are for right? To take you outside of your comfort zone to try new things. *takes deep breath* No more new things for a while though. My heart and books can’t handle it right now. .

Library of Souls is one of my #currentreads and I’m enjoying it so much! The Miss Peregrine’s series isn’t something I’d normally choose for myself, but I’m really glad that I did. (This is a lot like that time I picked up The Raven Boys. Urban paranormals aren’t usually my thing, but I ended up loving The Raven Cycle so much!) I’m loving the Peculiar kids and the story itself is just so unique and entertaining. Kids with special powers who are orphaned and trying to save the world—COME ON—who doesn’t love that troupe? Seriously. If you’re waffling about starting this, put it on your TBR. You’ll grow to love these Peculiar kids and have a soft spot for them too.


Okay. Now that I’m recovered from taking this picture, I can say that my book is looking pretty fierce in that tree.


For the #augustfantasychallenge, A character that I’d imprison for life, well, I don’t want to say too much because spoilers, but I’d love for all the Wights from the Miss Peregrine’s series to be gone. Like I want them to be DESTROYED. Seriously, this story has it all. Children with special powers being hunted by diabolical villains who you love to hate. So good! 


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