Bullet Journal Challenge: My Planner Helps Me …

I’m so glad some of you are finding my #writersbulletjournal posts helpful. For the #planwithmechallenge prompt, My planner helps me with accomplishing my goal to becoming a published writer..

Pictured here are my Leuchtturm 1917 @leuchtturm1917 notebooks. The top left notebook is from January-July of this year and the bottom left is my new LT1917 starting this month. My old notebook has my novel log which is a year long overview of my daily word counts for my novel. In the new notebook, is my monthly overview. It’s modified with a tracker to show how I spend my writing and reading time. I use the overview on the right page to make notes of what I did that day. The top right is my Moleskine WIP Notes and Word counts. My monthly calendar spread is used to show my daily word count and track how long it takes me to write a chapter (It takes about 3-5 days.) My daily entry in this notebook consists of word count information and story information. I take notes of what I wrote that day and what needs to be done for the next writing session so I don’t have to spend time rereading and don’t get stuck on editing. The notebooks on the bottom right aren’t bullet journals, but are still part of my system. I have a separate notebook for revision notes. I wanted to be able to get to the notes quickly when I start the revision process. These notes are indexed by chapter. Then there’s my research and notes notebook. I relied heavily on this at the beginning of the writing process. Since research is about collection, all my notes were just jotted down on whatever page. Once I finished my research, I categorized my notes and then created a color coded index to organize them for easy reference.


Spirit forest is by the amazing Tahira @tjlubrano. She captured my setting so beautifully!


I was thinking of showing some of my notebooks on my Instagram Story. What do you guys think? I’m sure you’re sick of me talking about my bullet journals! Hahaha.


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