Book Challenge: Character you’d switch with

When I was younger, I wanted to know what it would be like to be Elizabeth Bennet. She’s clever, witty, and refused to be intimidated by the rich Mr. Darcy. They also attended balls and Elizabeth was always free to go out for walks in the English countryside. Sounds good, right?.

Then the practical side of me pointed out that I would have to say good bye to modern plumbing and medicine. Ugh. Sometimes I wish I could just turn off the logical and sensible side of me just for a little while so I could enjoy certain things in ignorant bliss. 😜


I think my Pride and Prejudice books are the only minimalistic covers that I own that are actually gorgeous too. If I’m honest, a lot of my classics hardbound books go for that minimalistic design. Maybe it’s because the stories are so good, they don’t need flashy covers. Or it also could be just the style of that time—elegant and refined. Whatever the reasons, I love this look and could easily collect more, if money were not an issue! 😉



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5 thoughts on “Book Challenge: Character you’d switch with

  1. theartsyfartsychick

    I always wanted to be Nancy Drew whenI was young. She was treated with respect and almost adult like by the grown ups, had great friends, was attractive, popular and independent. She even had a car and was allowed to drive it wherever she wanted to. That was aside from the fun (and sometimes scary) adventures she partook in. The books were pretty awesome too, gorgeous tomes with the similarly simple designs to yours. They got lost over the years (eaten by my sister’s pet rabbit), something I still lament to this day.

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      1. Jennifer F. Santucci Post author

        That is absolutely heart breaking! Devastating really because in addition to the sentimental value, I bet they were vintage copies too.


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