Book Tag: Authors I’d Like to Meet

I was very lucky this year to attend two signings, Y’all West, and the LA Times Book Festival. During that time, I was able to meet a lot of authors. As a reader, it was a wonderful experience meeting the authors who created such a amazing stories and characters. As a writer, I thought it would be neat to create this Inspiration canvas to keep on my desk. Each author that I asked to sign my canvas was so kind and supportive when I told them that I was a writer too. It was such an amazing experience. I wanted a visual reminder of meeting all of these author so that when I felt discouraged or just needed more motivation, I could just look at my Inspiration canvas to remind myself that I will get there one day. .
These are some authors that I haven’t met yet and that I’d like to meet some day. Laini Taylor and Roshani Chokshi should be no big surprise. You guys know from my previous posts how much I love them. I’d also like to meet Maggie Stiefvater too. I’m just so amazed by the world of the Raven Cycle and the characters too. If you guys haven’t picked up their books, I highly recommend them!


#authoridliketomeet from the fabulous Julienne @herbookadventures Thanks Julienne for the tag!

I didn’t forget about my other tags! I promise to get to them soon!


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