Book Challenge: Country Pride

I can’t believe the Olympics are here! What events are you looking forward to? This is going to show my age, but when I was a kid, I remember when the Olympics were in LA. My family is from LA. I was young enough to remember it, but not quite old enough to understand why it was a big deal. Part of the marathon was going through our part of town and my mom dragged me and my sister to go see it. I’d like to say it was exciting, but I just remember a lot of waiting and then when the runners finally came it was over quick! I think if I was older, I would’ve appreciated it more. But I do remember Mary Lou Retton. I think I’m showing my age here, but I remember being glued to the screen during her events and then afterwards going out to the front yard to imitate her routines..

What are your favorite Olympic moments and/or events? Any particular moments that stick out most? 


For #augustfantasychallenge, Opening Ceremonies: Whose on your Olympic team? Hmm. Bronwyn Bruntley for strength from Miss Peregrine’s, Wayne for speed from The Allow of Law (Mistborn 4-6), Legolas for archery (sorry Katniss), Lucent for the long jump or maybe gymnastics from The Young Elites, Percy Jackson for swimming, and George and Fred Weasly for partners ping pong (although they might be better suited for tennis). That was fun!



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