Bullet Journal Challenge: Preplanning 

This is how I use my #writersbulletjournal for pre-planning Instagram challenges..

In my old Leuchtturm 1917 @leuchtturm1917, since I had a few pages left, I created a two week spread that includes book challenges and bullet journal challenges for the month. In my Moleskine, not pictured, I made basic lists of the handwriting challenges and art journal challenges that I wanted to do. 


When I plan for the week, in my #writersbulletjournal, I have a weekly agenda where I list all the writing and challenge tasks for the week from my LT1917 and Moleskine that need to get done. On my weekly agenda page, I usually list the challenges from Monday through Sat/Sun depending on how much I can fit. This also provides a list of shots that need to be taken for the week. I’ve been able to take a block of most of the posts in one session with a few shots through out the week (because I need to do the lettering or find props!). Then once my tasks are listed for the week and my photos taken, I start my dailies and list which prompts are being posted for the day (usually between 3-4). This also tells me which pictures need to be edited and watermarked and also which captions need to be typed up for that day. Once my daily is set up, I post and draw an X on the bullet once it’s done. If it doesn’t get posted, I migrate it for the next day. (I tend to be late a lot!)


My goal is to build a social media following for my author profile. I find organizing my social media duties in a consistent manner helps me balance out social media time and writing time, so far. I’m already anticipating scaling back my social media participation soon for this month because I’m really shooting to finishing my first draft this month and my kids go back to school at the end of the month and I want to spend time with them! 


Pictured are some of my #currentreads for this month. I have a Current Reads tracker to help me plan out what to read, but also help me see my progress on books. You can see more examples of it by following the tag #jennfscurrentreadstracker


#planwithmechallenge Preplanning


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