Book Challenge: World Road Trip and Fav Book Squad 

I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I’m enjoying the Miss Peregrine’s series by Ransom Riggs. I’m so impressed at how Ransom Riggs incorporated the antique pictures into the story. It’s so creative and neat to see images that go with what’s happening in the story. I’ve already finished Hollow City and started Library of Souls. Hollow City ended at such an amazing part and I was SO glad I had the next one on hand! Has anyone else read this series?.

For #livelaughbooksaugust “Fictional World Road Trip”, I wouldn’t want to actually travel with the peculiar kids because I don’t like the idea of being chased all over the place and fearing for my life every minute, but reading the story, I really feel like I’m experiencing all the places, both peculiar and back in time, with the characters! From the United States to Europe and different time periods, this series definitely keeps you on your toes!


For #augustofpages “Favorite Book Squad”, I love this band of motley peculiar kids. I’ve been listening and reading the series, but when I listen to it, my heart goes out to these kids! The narrator Kirby Hayborne does such a fantastic job giving each character their own voice in a genuine way. Sometimes narrators have a male and female voice, but this narrator does a good job of giving each character personality and expression. My favorites are Bronwyn and Hugh. Don’t get me wrong. I love Jacob and Emma, but you all know how I feel about secondary characters and Bronwyn’s strength and compassion and Hugh’s courage has me all big heart eyes at them! 


For #augustfantasychallenge “Edward Cullen or Cedric Diggory?”. Okay. So, based on my previous post you guys know I loved Twilight. I love Edward, but if I had to chose between Edward or Cedric, it’s Cedric. And not just because Harry Potter is bae, but I actually read an HP fanfic years ago that was about Cedric and the ship was Cedric and Hermione. I KNOW. I was like, WHAT NOW? And I swear, that fanfic had me like, YES. I SHIP THIS. And had me questioning my house placement because holy hells guys, I really wanted to be a Hufflepuff after reading that! Hahaha. So yeah, Cedric Diggory, yes please! 


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