Book Challenge: One Series to Rule Them All

Okay. Today’s prompt for the #augustfantasychallenge “One series to rule them all (Favorite fantasy series)” is completely UNREASONABLE. 😩 😁 Asma @oasisgirlmd, Sara @brumblewumps.books.and.plush, and Katie @katielmae, I can’t. There’s no way. I just can’t pick one. There are too many that I love. So, I put them all here. Do you guys see any of your favorites?.

For #livelaughbooksaugust “Creative Titles”, again, I couldn’t pick just one. I really like these titles! But if I had to narrow it down, I really do like the titles Daughter of Smoke and Bone and An Ember in the Ashes. I think these titles represent the stories so well.


Book tags:


#onewordtitle and #bookpile from Christine @noveltine! Thank you dear for the tag! ❤️


I just finished Shadows of Self which is Book 5 of the Mistborn series and 😱😱😱😭. Anyone read this yet? 

Hope your week is going well so far!


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