Planner Selfie

I know this is supposed to be a planner selfie, but I couldn’t hold them all up and take a picture at the same time, so here they are busting their Insta poses. 😂 •

I’m Jenn and I’m a dual system bullet journal user. I use my Leuctthurm 1917 @leuchtturm1917 in Anthracite for my reading and writing life. The one on top is my first #writersbulletjournal from January through July. Underneath is my new LT1917 that I’ve already set up for August. I can’t believe that I finished one notebook already! I will be featuring both of these a lot this month. My #writersbulletjournal stays home.

I also use my traveler’s notebooks for my mommy life. I carry this whenever I leave the house! I have four inserts: a regular bullet journal to keep track of appointments, to-do’s, a chore tracker, and to jot down important dates. I’ve got a budget insert or Nerd Gear Bujo to keep track of purchases relating to books, stationery, etc. I’ve got one that’s a meal planner from the Maybooks website @maydesigns. The last insert is for keeping monthly lists of what we have in stock and what we’re running low on for fridge, freezer, pantry, and toiletries.

For personal journaling, I use a Midori MD graph notebook that’s in the grey cover with white trees. Cover and matching pen pouch is by Karen Baker @karenabaker71 from Lunabluebags on Etsy.

These are different aspects of my personality that need separate spaces. My writer self doesn’t need to know that we’re running low on diapers. I also need a personal space for brain dumps and just babbling to myself—I don’t want any of that in with my menu planning which my family likes to look at to see what’s for dinner!

I also love all things stationery related–pens, washi tape! I’m also an avid reader and an aspiring writer! 

#planwithmechallenge Planner Selfie 


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