Handwriting and Journal Challenges: Intro and Rainbow Page

This is my entry for Days 1 and 2 for the August #rockyourhandwriting challenge on Instagram. For new friends, I love everything having to do with writing which includes cursive and lettering practice. This is my intro and 5 favorite things handwriting entry. Sad thing about the third one, I’ve been changing my eating habits which means low carb and sugar intake. I’ve also been doing great so far, but my mom brought over a box of donuts for the kids the other day and OMG I miss donuts! •

I’m also going to try and participate in an art journal challenge that actually seemed do-able for me! It’s hosted by @agirlwithajournal and it’s the #augustwithajournal challenge. There are daily prompts for the month of August for doing something with your journal. This one was a rainbow page/drawing. I’m not good at drawing, but I could do a rainbow page! I thought it would go well with my favorite things! Check out Lina’s profile on Instagram for details. Her journal entries are beautiful! 


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