Bullet Journal Challenge: August Plans 

Planning for August! A hack that I use when planning for the next month is this sticky-note washi tape. When I started my #writersbulletjournal in January, I had several layouts that I wanted to try. After a month of success, I wanted to use them again. It was kind of a pain looking back and forth between the previous month and the new pages to remember which layout went where. I found these rolls of sticky note washi tape at Daiso and I basically use them like sticky notes. • 

 There’s a strip with the name of the layout that goes on the page. Once I’ve set up the layout, I take the sticky note tape off and put it on the back page of my bullet journal. I reuse them again near the end of the month to prep the next month’s layouts. It’s made planning so much easier and faster! There are also small post-it flags that can be used the same way. I just love this tape because it stays on completely. Sometimes the small post-it flags would come off since the adhesive was only on one end of the flag.

What are some hacks you guys do to make planning more efficient? And isn’t sticky note washi tape AMAZING?!

#planwithmechallenge Plans for August, Hack


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