Book Challenges: Reread

Do you remember that time Cassandra Clare came out with a new Shadowhunters book and bookstagram nearly broke? Lady Midnight is still on my TBR. I didn’t want to read it yet because I had read The Mortal Instruments a million years ago (there were only the three books at the time) and I hadn’t read The Infernal Devices or the rest of TMI. So this year I decided to reread TMI and make my way through the rest of the series.•

I finished rereading TMI earlier this year and because I read it so long ago, it was almost like reading new stories. I remembered the characters, but I couldn’t remember the details of the story. (Okay. I remembered THAT PART of the story about Clase.) Admittedly, the writing isn’t the greatest, but I still enjoyed reading it. I had forgotten how funny the characters were and how much I liked the world building details.

And I did read TID which I read for the first time and OMG I can’t! I think I actually enjoyed it a lot more than TMI because Will. And okay, I also loved Gideon Lightwood too. Gideon and a certain maid are my OTP.

City of Fallen Angels JUST became available on audio from my library. FINALLY. I’m so excited to get back into the Shadowhunter world!


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