Book Challenge: Duel I’d Like to See…

I’ve thought long and hard (hence why I’m late again) about the prompt I’d like to see a duel between. I’m #currentlyreading Winter and Queen Levana is so easy to hate right now. Like I really want to see her get taken down several notches. Then when this prompt came up, I wondered who would be able to go up against Queen Levana? Who was the last villain to inspire such similar loathing and ire? Then it hit me.•

I’d like to see a duel between Queen Levana from Winter and Queen Amarantha from A Court of Thorns and Roses.

RIGHT? SERIOUSLY. This needs to happen like ten minutes ago. They are both so deliciously awful that I think it would be a really nasty, terrifying battle. Levana’s got the genetically modified wolf soldiers and thurmatages. Amarantha is good at tricking others and bending other people’s wills toward her own. But once Levana got close enough, she’d use her Lunar powers and game over.

Who are you rooting for in this match? Or do you want them just to slay each other and be done with it?


#julyfantasychallenge I’d like to see a duel between…


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