Book Challenge: Best Summer Reads 2016 and Five Star Reads

I know. Again, Jenn? Really? YES. It’s only been like five minutes since I’ve talked about Laini Taylor! •

This is for Summer 2016 favorites for #julywithcj and Five Star reads for #livelaughbooksjuly. When I looked at my reading list for the last two months, these were the books that pretty much made my family wonder what happened to me. “Where’s mommy?” was a constant question my kids asked because of these books. Fortunately, I have a wonderful, understanding husband who is like “Mommy’s reading/listening to a book. What do you need?”<—Am I lucky? Or what?!

But seriously, I’m so glad I got into these amazing books this summer. I think if I had gotten into them any other time, I would’ve had problems. When I was reading Dreams of Gods and Monsters, I suffered major book hangover. I was like “I’m calling in sick tomorrow” and my husband was like, “Um. You’re a stay-at-home mom.” Me: “And?” Then for The Raven King, I was sobbing at THAT PART and fortunately my kids were already in bed, but my husband was like “You can’t call in sick. Again.” So, don’t feel guilty if you have to let your little ones watch a show or play a video game while you have a hot cup of tea to mourn and recuperate from massive book hangover.

I’m not doing a good job of getting you guys to read these, am I? I mean, yes, there will be the feels, but there’s also fantastic characters and wonderful stories to be had! I miss Cabeswater and Eretz. I also loved the details of Akaran and the London Institute. And the writing! Oh gosh! If these authors weren’t so nice and supportive, I would quit writing now and question my life choices. But instead, they make me want to be a better writer! 

Let me know what other books I should read before school starts up again! That way if I suffer from book hangover, I won’t have to pretend that life goes on while I’ve been traumatized by a book. 


2 thoughts on “Book Challenge: Best Summer Reads 2016 and Five Star Reads

    1. Jennifer F. Santucci Post author

      Yes! 🙌🏽 She totally deserves more recognition! And SAME. I didn’t want to life for days!



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