Bullet Journal: Notebook Uses

For the #planwithmechallenge Notebook Uses prompt, I wanted to share the notebooks I use in my writing and social media life. The turquoise soft cover dotted Moleskin is what I use for lettering practice, handwriting, jotting down quotes I want to remember or letter for later, and for recording daily challenge prompts. There’s no organization to it which I like because I like to just open my notebook and write.•

If you’ve been following me for a while, my Leuctthurm 1917 @leuchtturm1917 is a regular feature on my feed. I use it as my #writersbulletjournal to help me stay on track of my novel writing progress and reading life. I modified the monthly overview into a tracker so that I could see how I spent my writing time during the month. 

The three notebooks on the left are my holy trinity for writing. My LT1917 is the overseer and these three notebooks are the workers. My Moleskine is a modified bullet journal for my novel. My monthly overview is actually a calendar layout where I record my daily word counts for the current chapter. For my daily entries, I note my starting word count, stopping word count, and total word count for the day. I also include a brief summary of the scene I wrote that day and also another summary of what needs to be worked on next. 

The middle notebook is a Piccadilly traveler’s size insert that I used in the planning stages of my story. 65K+ words into my novel, I’m still looking back at it. When I started the notebook, I didn’t have any sense of organization. I went back later and color coded each page by subject such as character notes, world building details, etc.

The last notebook is used for revision notes for my draft. As I mentioned before, I don’t go back and reread what I’ve written (at least I’ve gotten better at not doing it as frequently as I used to). When a problem comes up or there’s something I need to fix, I make a note of it in my revision notebook for later when I’m done with the first draft.

Spirit Forest painted by the incredible Tahira @tjlubrano. I keep it close when writing because it resembles the forest in my novel.

Okay. So, I’ve shared with how super nerdy I am. How about you? What do you guys use your notebooks for?


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