Book Challenge: Favorite Book Names 

I know you’re thinking, wait, what do all these books have in common? No? Maybe more like, wow! Jenn has really lost her touch here. HAHAHA. No! This is for the Favorite Book Names for the #livelaughbooksjuly challenge. They all look totally random, but trust me, there’s a reason for all these.•

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you all know I’m a mom and have four kids. If you didn’t know, oh, hey, I have a lot of kids and they’re super cute. Sometimes pictures of them pop up in posts. Anyway, if you’re wondering what happens when two booknerds fall and love and have kids, they name their kids after beloved authors and characters!  

Our first son is named Isaac after my husband’s favorite author Isaac Asimov. He’s a SFF fan and I actually enjoy Isaac Asimov’s short stories. Plus, Isaac Asimov was a pretty big deal back in the day. Actually he still is. He wrote I, Robot (not the Will Smith movie) which set up the foundations of robotic laws. My other son is named Bennet Andrew. He is named after Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and Andrew Wiggins from Ender’s Game. Funny thing is Bennet is the third son, but no, we don’t call him Ender. My daughter’s name is Sophie Anne. She’s named after the little girl Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle (both the movie and the anime are fantastic). Anne is from Anne Elliot from Persuasion. Now, I know this isn’t a book, but my son Dean Austen is named after Dean from Supernatural. I KNOW. Awesome, right? And Austen is from Jane Austen.

Funny story about my son Bennet’s name. One of my SIL said that girls might not know where Bennet’s name came from. I told her that the nice ones will. Heehee.

When I see these books, I see Sophie, Isaac, Bennet, and Dean. 

Okay. I know there are other #bookstamom or #momsofbookstagram out there (I totally made that last one up, btw). How much has being a total booknerd influenced your real life?


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