Book Challenge: Best Sequel, More Books, All the Feels

You guys are going to get so tired of me talking about Laini Taylor @lainitaylor, but honestly, I love this series so much!•

So this is for #sammyreadsjuly16 Best Sequel and #julyfantasychallenge Please write another book in this series. Daughter of Smoke and Bone was an excellent story. It set-up the history between the two main characters Karou and Akiva. It seems like your typical YA urban fantasy with angels and chimera (Hahah. Okay. Not so typical!), but when you get to the end, it changes and it’s like OMG WHUUT JUST HAPPENED. Then when you start the second book Days of Blood and Starlight, just hand over your soul to Laini Taylor because that book will own you. Eating, personal hygiene, and social interaction will be low on your priorities because you will not be able to tear yourself away from the words and characters created by Laini Taylor. I don’t want spoil it, but I will say the second book Days of Blood and Starlight is darker, bloodier (hence the title), and sugar honey iced tea gets real! (Thanks @goldenleaf for the kid friendly swears!) This is where the conflict between angels and chimera really take off and it carries all the way through book three Dreams of Gods and Monsters. 

I know there’s a novella Night of Cake and Puppets that center around the secondary characters Suze and Nick. I love them. Don’t get me wrong. I love how they were true friends to Karou BUT can a fangirl get more of Karou and Akiva? Right?! Also I would give up a donut to have more of another couple, whom I realized I might spoil if I mention their names, but if you’ve read the books all I will say is “We haven’t been introduced.” My fangirl heart is going into palpitations just thinking of the awkward sweetness in that chapter (from book 3, chapter 77). YES PLEASE MOAR OF THIS. I could read another book about this couple!

If you haven’t read this series yet, PLEASE for the love of all the angels and chimera, go read it now. Then when you’re done, come back here so we can have all the feels. And if you have read this series, did you die? I nearly did because Laini Taylor totally slays.

This is also for #livelaughbooksjuly “All the feels”. 


2 thoughts on “Book Challenge: Best Sequel, More Books, All the Feels

  1. shelfiepodcast

    I adore this series. That said, I haven’t actually read A Night of Cake and Puppets. Yet. I plan to. I’m more excited about her next book Strange the Dreamer, which sadly just got bumped back from a September release to March. 😦

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