Bullet Journal Challenge: Long term collections 

Can you believe July is almost over? I swear this month has flown by SO fast. I’m checking my progress for the month and I’ve only finished two books! Ugh. It’s really hard sticking to a schedule when ALL THE KIDS are home. I’m going to try to buckle down and finish at least one more this week so I can meet my 3 books per month goal. •

Here’s one of my long term collections in my #writersbulletjournal. This is my Genre Tracker for the year. I gravitate toward the fantasy genre, and I wanted to expand my reading experience. Not just for variety as a reader, but as a writer I wanted to read outside of the fantasy genre to learn more about structure and style. As you can see, I’m reading a lot, but I haven’t ventured out of my comfort zone. It’s not for lack of books either! For August, I’m going to make more of an effort to read other genres. I’ve been targeting contemporary and middle grade books.

What about you, friends? What genre do you like? Is there a genre you’d like to try, but never got around to doing so?


#planwithmechallenge Long Term Collections


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