Book Challenge: Bookish Cursive & Favorite Quote

This is for the prompts “Favorite Quote”, “Favorite Lit Quote”, and #bookishcursive. So, when I put together this post, I was thinking for #bookishcursive that I’d have to letter a quote and thought oh hey, these all go together so well! Umm. Yeah. I didn’t realize that #bookishcursive meant lettering on covers. 😅 I learned this AFTER I created this post. Fortunately, This Savage Song still meets the criteria! YAY! 😁•

Now, I know I’m kind of pushing this with Fav Lit Quote, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this one! (Okay. There is a Brandon Sanderson quote that I love, but I have already used it.) Victoria Schwab @veschwab is pretty much goals right now. Her stories are amazing and I love her writing style. Also, if you guys ever get a chance to go to one of her signings, GO. She is so nice and funny! You’ll love her even more if that’s possible! 

My favorite quote is actually something she said on Twitter. Someone had asked her if she ever slept. This was her response:

Sleep is for the weak. Tea is for the strong. Words are for the mad.

RIGHT?! This is SO me. 


#sammyreadsjuly16 “Favorite Quote” • #livelaughbooksjuly “Favorite Lit Quote” • #julywithcj #bookishcursive 


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