6 word story challenge: Days 15-22

Gosh, this week’s 6 word story challenge #pfsixwordchallenge really kicked my butt! That whistle blower prompt really stumped me for a little while! But honestly, I’m having so much fun with this! If you like word games, it’s still not too late to join in! •

How’s everyone’s Friday going so far? Yesterday was our 15 year wedding anniversary. (See two posts back with Pride and Prejudice.) Tonight after dinner with the kids, my husband and I plan to go out. Bookstore and shaved ice are on the list, but there’s a strong possibility he might also take me to Hobby Lobby. I’ve never been and YOU GUYS, I’m excited at the possibility of seeing new washi tape and bookstagram props. And this my friends, is what 15 years of marriage is like. Achievement unlocked! #marriagesquadgoals 


#pfsixwordchallenge Days 15-22 • #planwithmechallenge “journaling”


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