Book Challenge: Guess that book!

Guess these books!•

I picked up these beauties at Costco and was thrilled to finally have the complete trilogy. I’m eager to start this series. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 It was a series that I had on my TBR list for some time. When I heard the author speak on a panel “Worldbuilding in Fantasy for middle grade readers” at the LA Times Festival of Books, I enjoyed his responses and how much he really understood his audience. I laughed at his description of middle schoolers because it was on point. At that age, either the world is your paradise or it’s hell. Hahaha. As a former middle school teacher, this is SO true. I enjoyed his panel interview so much that I bought the first book in this series! (Along with the other authors’ books in the panel!) It’s not pictured here because it’s in paperback and would give it away what the other books are! I had the pleasure of meeting him after the panel to get my book signed and he was so nice!

Have you guys picked up on the clues? Of course I took off the dust jackets because that would be too easy! But I was pleasantly surprised to see these gold foil details on each cover. The blue hardback has the words “A World Without Princes” stamped on the front. The green cover has “The Last Ever After” stamped on the front. I think I’ve already given away what these books are! •

Tell me your guesses in the comments. I’ll post the answer later!

Featured also is the Jane Austen wand from @wandwitchandwizard 

Book Challenge:

#livelaughbooksjuly “Guess that book!” • #julywithcj #booksandflowers


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