Bullet Journal Challenge: Mid-Year Reflection

 For this mid-year reflection, I looked back at the goals I set for myself in my #writersbulletjournal inJanuary and I was surprised, but thrilled to see of the 8 goals I set for myself, I completed 5! They are…•

-Complete creative writing certification-TWSO (Finished in June!) 

-Read 25 (or more books) (I’ve read 37 so far!)

-Enter at least one writing contest (I didn’t win, but it was a good experience.)

-Attend a book festival (I attended Y’all West and the LA Times Book Fest)

-Go to an author signing (I’ve attended 3 outside of the book festivals.) 

GUYS, I’m a BEAST! But seriously though, I can’t believe I’ve done all of these things! Before I set these goals, I didn’t know if I could accomplish them. I’d never been to a book festival or an author signing! As an aspiring writer, I realized that I needed to participate in the writing community and also meet authors. Once I made a choice to embrace my writer self, I began to see opportunities to grow and I took them!

These are the last 3 goals for me to complete for this year:

-Finish my manuscript by summer. (I’m on pace to finish by the end of summer, if not sooner.)

-Find an agent by fall/winter. (I didn’t factor in revision time, so I might have to push this back, but I’m still going to try and go for it!)

-Build my author profile. (This is slow and ongoing, but now that my creative writing program is finished, I will be able to devote more time to blogging and other platforms.)

These last 3 goals are going to take longer to accomplish, but they’re within my grasp. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to stay this focused and motivated if I hadn’t started my bullet journal. Crazy to think that a notebook with lists and goals could change my life so much, but there it is! I’m still going to keep some of my other goals. Pictured here is my Inspiration canvas I brought with me to the book festivals and author signings. I had YA authors sign it to keep me inspired to write. It’s been such a fantastic visual reminder to stay to the path!


#planwithmechallenge “Biggest Planner Accomplishment” and “Mid-year Reflection” 


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