Book Challenge: Book Spine Sentence

When I created this #bookspinesentence, I thought I could be mysterious and somewhat artsy about it. Instead of a sentence, I created a found poem. But looking at it now, it’s really pretentious! Hahaha! Oh, well! Here’s my poem:

Ignite me, fire, big magic. The writer’s journey.

Haha. Perhaps if I also did the #5factsaboutme tag, it might help clear up my obscure poem!

I always thought writing was a hobby I did after I finished my day job which was teaching. When I was on maternity leave for my fourth child, I realized writing was not just a hobby. It was my passion. I decided to pursue writing and I’m currently writing my first novel. (AND I’M ALMOST DONE.)

When I was in high school, I did a little bit of modeling. (Runway stuff. No print.)

I don’t drink coffee. I like the smell, but the taste is not for me. (But I LOVE TEA.)

I’m a promiscuous reader. I often read between 3-4 books at a time. (A habit leftover from college and teaching.) So if you see me comment in one post, one title and then a different title in another post, it’s all true! 

I love cheesy, action movies and shows. Independence Day on repeat? I will watch it all. Oh, look! There’s a marathon for The Seeker! YES PLEASE. And I will admit, I enjoyed Shadowhunters. The drama alone that was Malec was SO worth it!

Here’s a bonus: I wrote fanfic in various fandoms for ten years. I just learned that one of my fanfics was chosen for a summer classic reread. It both bemuses and delights me to know that something I wrote is a classic to some people.

Pictured with my book spine sentence are my trusty #writersbulletjournal that has gotten me close to reaching my writing goals and my Inspiration canvas that has the signatures of some of the YA authors I admire.

I’m dying to know something about you now!! Please share in the comments a fact about you! (Only if you’re comfortable!)


#livelaughbooksjuly “Book spine sentence” and “5 facts about me” • #ampersandsjuly16 “Nonfiction”


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