Spirit Forests by TJ Lubrano

I love Tahira’s @tjlabrano’s artwork. It’s so whimsical and beautiful. She’s got several original paintings from Disney characters to original characters and designs. They’re all amazing! I highly recommend checking her profile on Instagram. 
But these particular paintings have a special place in my heart! You all know that I’m writing a novel. It’s such an incredible process from coming up with the idea, planning out the story, and actually writing it. You get to know the characters and the world so much. As the author, you know what the characters look like and the places in the story.
When I saw Tahira’s @tjlabrano Spirit Forest portraits, I couldn’t believe how well her paintings captured the Spirit Forest in my story! My main character has an affinity to the forest—the connection is spiritual in a sense. It was surreal to see them and I immediately had to get them. The colored ones are bookmarks, but I will be framing them and putting them up with my Inspiration canvas. They will be so nice to look at while I’m writing. Such a nice way to keep motivated and pushing through.
In this picture, I also included a couple of reference books that I’ve been using for my story. It’s going to be a YA fantasy. One of the inspirations for my story is from this quote by Samuel Lowe: “Sometimes it’s the princess who kills the dragon and saves the prince.” Yeah. It’s going to be awesome. 

#creativity #handpaintedart #whimsyart #spiritforest #tjlubrano #etsy 


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