Book Challenge: Shelfie Sunday

#sundayshelfie! Wow! Another one? I KNOW. I’m still trying to sort my bookshelves and this part wasn’t too bad. So far my books are organized by genre which I really like. (I can’t handle rainbow books. It would drive me nuts trying to find books that I need! #oldstagrammer #sorrynotsorry) The problem is I’m doubling up on books already and there isn’t any room for displaying bookish items. Sad, but it’s either put away the books to make room for bookish swag, leave books in stacks on the floor, or put away the bookish items for now and let the books fill the shelves. 
Oh and hey, I’m really crushing on Em’s @emdawgreads Sunday shelfie today. I love how he stacked his series vertically in groups between the other books that are stacked horizontally.
Anyone have these booknerd problems? How do you guys handle an abundance of books and displaying your bookish swag on your bookshelves at the same time? (Without buying another bookcase!)

#julywithcj #shelfiesunday


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