Snail Mail from Australia

Do you guys know Leah @leahslittlewords? She has a sweet, vintage account. Her pictures have hidden treasures that you have to take a little time to find. She had a giveaway for a gorgeous postcard print of The Ice Queen. I didn’t win, but she sent this adorable thank you postcard for participating. Leah also included a handwritten note and some ephemera with the postcard. And she decorated the envelope with washi! You guys know how much I love washi tape! Isn’t this delightful?
I have been a horrible pen pal and now that my program has ended, I’m going to catch up on my letters! (Rachel @bookishwonderland and Jen @gneeeeet, I will be writing back soon!) I love handwritten letters and I’m excited to make my own envelopes this time. Okay. I sound like such a dork! hahaha. But seriously, who else loves handwritten letters? Snail mail? Isn’t it the best?
#rockyourhandwriting “snail mail” 


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