Bullet Journal Challenge: Useful and Planning Ahead

Here’s another useful collection I use in writers bullet journal. I love buddy reading books. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure if I could do it because I read at a varied pace, depending on when I can squeeze in time to read. I learned that if I have goals to read a certain number of pages or chapters each week, it’s really helped me be consistent in my daily reading commitment of twenty minutes and also in finishing a book. Plus, it’s SO nice to be able to talk and fangirl with someone over what’s happening in the story! I highly recommend buddy reading books with a friend.
Right now, my Buddy Reads Collection is a Future Log style so I can plan ahead to keep track of who I’m reading with each month and what book we’re reading. It’s really worked well for me so far so I don’t agree to too many buddy reads in one month. For this month, I was thinking that I wanted to be a more active reader, and I’d like to take notes while reading so I can use later for reviews and art journaling. I’m thinking I might use a separate notebook for just reading notes. (Yay another excuse to use a new notebook!) 
I’m hoping to put together a blog post soon, explaining the set up for my Current Reads layout. If you’re interested in seeing it, check out my tag Planning and bullet journal. What else would you guys like me to blog more about? Leave your questions in the comments!

#planwithmechallenge “Useful” and “Planning Ahead”


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